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Apr 30, 2008

An Even More Mushier House

The Forbidden Lovers, Josef and Nicole are watched over like a hawk by Mommy Sandy when she came over the house. Ejay gets to take the first step in wooing Valerie. Whose love will prevail and who will be nipped in the bud?

Mommy Sandy guarded her daughter in her every move when she got to stay for a day in the Big Brother house. She again reprimanded her daughter for being too close for comfort with Josef. The tension only subsided when Mommy Sandy left the house.

But not before she had warned Nikki to keep the distance. The young lovers could only do so much as stare to each other. When her mom left, Nikki really started to minimized their moments together. She starts to avoid Josef.


On the other hand, Ejay lets Valerie have her first taste of the traditional Filipino courtship. With his Daddy Erning, his closest bud Nan and Daddy Ike, they had a harana for the Dazzling Doll from Germany. They had a "subuan" moment in eating spagetti afterwards.

When they were all by themselves, Ejay said the golden words! Valerie expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the Promdie Hottie's efforts. In the confession room, Ejay told Kuya that he may have a chance to win the pretty housemate's heart.

Apr 29, 2008

Love Twice Over

As the Romeo and Juliet saga of Nicole and Josef continues, so does the ValJay loveteam turned from reel to real. Whose pair will last till the end?

When Mommy Sandy meant business she dealt things as only a protective mother should. She had talked to Kuya and he ushered Nicole in. The mother had more of an interrogation rather than a heart-to-heart chat. Here is an excerpt of their Q & A portion;

Status? Friends. (Uh huh..)
Why they hold hands? All do that. (Who else does?)
Is the one in Cebu a boyfriend? No. (But didn't you say..?)
Are you lying? No. (Right.)

They are supposed to be a conservative family so having two boyfriends is like a major no-no. Anyways, as Nicole said they are ONLY friends. Yet, she asked her mother what if they both like each other? Mothers know best so Mommy Sandy advised her daughter not to rush things.


Meanwhile, Ejay has finally confessed! Only to Kuya though. When will he have the guts to admit his feelings to the Dazzling Doll from Germany? Isn't it too obvious that Valerie likes him too. If not, she would have chosen another besides the Promdie Hottie to eat with her prize of sinigang na baboy.

It is quite good of Kuya to help a housemate in his quest for love. Lucky Ejay, he's Daddy Erning is so helpful and supportive. Hope the Operation Ligaw will succeed? Anyhow, whatever happened to the third loveteam of Alex and Beauty?

Apr 28, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Young Love

nicole and josef:

There is a brewing stage drama in the Big Brother house. It is based on Shakespeare's hit novel, "Romeo and Juliet".

If the ValJay is paving smoothly towards sweet journey, one of the three loveteams in the house already faces doom. Nicole and Josef who has both commitments outside the house find themselves in a quandary. They're just falling for each other.

This is most evident when Josef gave the In-Chick of Cebu a rose. Beauty, the two's confidante wasn't a hard cupid. She even requested a song to be played. The two then swayed to the music. Are their hearts singing the same tune also?

Mommy Sandy had Tita Anna help her in putting an end to this closeness between the two. She scolded her daughter for her actions and for awhile Nikki stayed away from Josef. The Lasallite did the same. The question is with the intimacy around the house how long can they stay away from each other?

nikki and beauty:

Nicole confided to Beauty the four questions she want to ask to Josef. These are; Do you like me? Since when? Why? What will happen outside? The Cebuana remains to be baffled by the happenings in the house. Both were sure before that they love their respective partners. Yet now, they have admitted that they both like each other.

Daddy Erning on the other hand is ever supportive of his adopted son. He had a three roses to be given to the Dazzling Doll from Germany. Ejay as usual is ever torpe so if it weren't for Jolas's prodding he would not have given the flowers. He was even frightened that he did something wrong.But she assured the Promdie Hottie that he had made her smile.

Apr 27, 2008

A Veteran and Three First Timers

Not three but four candidates make up this week's list of nominees? Who will follow Kevin outside the house? Will it be Josef this time?

For the first time, Ateneo's pride, Robi got nominated. He was the one which the guardians gave 5 points into. The reason is because he was well of already. They felt he did not need the prize anymore. Remember Mikee in the first season?

Josef is the veteran,being nominated for the third time already. He stood out on the first eviction. He got saved by Kevin's exit last week. Will he be lucky again or it is his last week in the house?

Jolas is also a first time nominee and surprisingly tied with Josef in the number of votes. They both got 10 ponits each. This was because of his tardiness. Will the mass help the Gentle Giant in his first time?Or will this be his first and last?

Rona is nominated due to her own doings also. She should blame herself for letting the others hear her musing her homesickness. Also, her talking is becoming too much. She maybe booted for complaining too much. I bet she will be on the bottom of the votes.

Lucky Beauty had her Mommy Carina won in the immunity games so she is safe this week. Love problems are in the house. Ejay still is torpe with Valerie. Beauty and Alex continue their cat and dog quarrels. Nicole and Josef with their commitments outside the house start to drift apart. Who will leave and who will stay. Vote now guys!

Apr 26, 2008

Father and Son Despidida

The Spanish team-up has stepped finally on the outside world. Good thing they fixed up everything before they leave and so conflicts temporarily left the Big Brother House or has it really?

The teens were surprised when they were told by Kuya that the father and son are about to leave. Beauty who is known as one of the closest friends of Kevin was caught staring in shock. Rona was the easiest to recover and extended a hand to the second housemate to have a voluntary exit after Linda.

Both are sad to leave but excited to be outside. They both tried to be optimistic when they were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd outside the Big Brother house. They told Toni and Bianca that they have plans of going around Manila.

Meanwhile, Toni announced the loveteams brewing in the house. Valerie and Ejay's team are called Vejay, Nicole and Josef's are Nicosef and Beauty and Alex' are Beautex. Will these loveteams be for real? Let's wait and see.

nicole and josef

The teens and guardians will play the immunity game and so we'll watch out who's gonna be saved this time? Who will be the next to exit after Kevin? Tonight's episode will reveal the new set of nominees. I bet Beauty will be included.

Apr 25, 2008

Birthday Celebrated, Conflicts Ended?

jolas and daddy john

Jolas,celebrated his natal day on the Big Brother house and of course Kuya arranged something for him. The Gentle Giant could only cry at the surprises in stored for him on his special day.

The day before he was to be 18, Jolas got his first gift from Kuya. He along with father got to play with two of the most brilliant players of PBA. Daddy Ike was equally happy even when their game with James Yap and Peter Simon ended. The two were hoodwinked by Kuya when they thought Kuya would make them stay in the house. James was kind enough to give his jersey to Jolas.

After that, the next morning, Jolas' mom went to the house and cooked his favorite "adobong chicken feet". Kuya had Rona and Beauty to bring the food for their lunch much to Jolas' surprise. His Daddy Ike was called to the confession room where Kuya asked if Jolas usually have cake for his birthday. Viewers were moved to tears were Daddy Ike confessed that he could not recall a time that they had one for Jolas.

daddy ike and jolas

The father and son both cried when Daddy Ike appeared in the dining room with a cake. It was sad though that their family were not able to see each other. According to Jolas, that was the first birthday he had that he was not able to be with his mother.

Meanwhile, Robi talked both to Daddy John and Tita Anna. In his talk with Kevins' father, it was revealed that Daddy John reprimanded Josef because he sees himself in Tita Anna's nephew. He even referred to Josef as his favorite.This was not accepted by Tita Anna when Robi related it to her. It was even more evident that she is not ready to end all conflicts when she got to talk with Kevin in the confession room. This is despite the info that Josef and Daddy John said their sorrys to each other and ended the feud with a hug were told to her.

Apr 24, 2008

Father and Son Agreement

daddy john and kevin

Finally, it is out in the open. The mystery of the second housemate to have a voluntary has been unraveled. Kevin will go out of the house of course with his father, Daddy John tomorrow, Saturday.

The bull session headed by Robi was supposed to talk about how they are going to help the guardians solve their conflicts. Josef even started the forum by saying he thinks that the problem is that the guardians don't respect each other. But the topic switched from the parents to the teens when Kevin spoke next.

According to him, there is someone in the house who is not doing anything,immediately pinpointing Jolas. Nan was supposed to support him but Kevin stopped him hinting that he will be gone by tomorrow so he can say anything he want. The Gentle Giant was offended at the way Kevin confronted him with the issue so he tried to defend himself lamely.

jolas and alex

Daddy John approached Kuya to tell him that he wants to talk to Kevin because he wants to go out. Kuya gives in to the request and in comes Kevin. Father and son agreed it was best if they leave the house so Kuya could do nothing but accept their decision. It was nice of Daddy John to ask if he can talk to Josef to smooth things over before they leave.

If Daddy John and Kevin are sure to leave by Saturday, viewers are put on the edge of their seats for two guests unsure if they can leave. PBA players James Yap and Peter Simon were in the house to play with Jolas as a birthday gift from Kuya. When the time comes for them to leave, they were ushered in the confession room. Kuya reminded James of his wife, Kris Aquino's promise to stay in the Big Brother house. Will the two stay and for how long?

Apr 23, 2008

Fruits of the Friction

tita anna and daddy john

The rift between the guardians have gone way overboard these past few days as it tainted friendships among the teens stuck in the middle over their parents' quarrel.

Last night at Primetime, Daddy John really irritated viewers when he scolded Josef over being a "senyorito" in the guardians' area. Many admire the Lasallite for keeping his cool even if the Spaniard had shouted bad words with him. Tita Anna was wise to lead Josef away from the kitchen.


Maybe it took the longest time but at least Daddy Ike had the sense to follow Tita Anna's plea to have Kevin's dad outside. In the confession room, Josef and Tita Anna expressed their feelings on Kuya. Big Brother told Josef to transfer in the teens and after awhile Tita Anna followed him there too.

The other guardians were right when they concluded that Daddy John is doing this because of the pressure of his' son's nomination. He has been thought of causing these rifts for Josef to be forced in a voluntary exit. Thereby, saving his own son in the evictions.

Meanwhile, the other teen housemates have problems of their own. Ejay and Valerie breaks a mug to which Kuya punished them by ordering them to fix the mug while their hand are tied together. It took a long time before they were able to fix it cause Ejay is at a loss at word to say at the mestisa housemate.

ejay and valerie

When they had it fixed, the problem of how to bring it to Kuya arose cause the mug got stuck in the table. The mug got broke and they had to start all over again. Another glass broke and this time, it was Nan who broke it though it was because Ejay surprised him. Ejay cried and blamed himself on both incidents of breaking.

Voting is officially stopped because a housemate is set to go out by the end of the week. Who is it gonna be? Will it be Josef, who has now really seen how his aunt undergo the pressure in the guardians' area? Or will it be Kevin, who may be booted out through a forced eviction because of his dad's bickering? One thing is for sure, it will not be Nicole.

Apr 22, 2008

New Hairdos, Old Conflicts

The male teen housemates could only laugh till their tummies ache with their new hairstyles. But at least they did well for the sacrifice. Only their guardians cannot laugh longer on the same problem they've been dealing with for weeks.

The boys especially Robi looked awful but you'll admire them even more as they took the end product of their deed bravely. They even joined the laughter of the girls when they returned to the house. Even, Josef, who admitted how vain he was with his hair, placed colouring to the balded portion of his head to make his hairdo looked bearable.

The male guardians were equally brave despite Daddy John's premature haircutting, they still went on Kuya's task. They too gamely laughed afterwards. Kevin's father to be fair,had to wear a wig since he has no hair and all. Only when they returned to the guardians' area, did the moods change.

Tita Anna and Daddy John quarrelled all over again. They ended up shouting at each other in the kitchen. Only Daddy Ike had the common sense to lead Daddy John outside to stop both from their fight. I wonder how long will this last? Maybe its really gonna be over when Kevin or Josef will leave.

Kuya tried to put in the hands of the teens the solution to the parents' dilemma. Robi was assigned leader and all the teens watched how the guardians fight over each other. Kevin was the negative thinker always saying his voluntary exit is the solution. Good thing Rona and Robi hushed him saying it was never an option. Robi suggested he talked to the parents as the group to seetle things.

Meanwhile, former housemates Mickey and Izzy returned in the house to teach the housemates hip-hop dancing. This is for the teens' weekly task. They're already started practicing and you'll laugh your heart out with Ejay's dancing.

Apr 21, 2008

Hair Standing Conflicts and Hair Loosing Sacrifices

The guardians continue to quarrel among themselves and the tension continually affects the teen housemates. The conflict spreads and old friendship are cut and they are not the only one to fall on the floor this time.

A sacrifice adds tension to the male housemates and the male guardians as they have to undergo a haircut in order to help 100 teens have free circumcision. The teen housemates had their turn yesterday. A "magic" barber's chair in the activity area acting as the pointer to Kuya's hairstyle roleta was there waiting for them.

The housemates almost rolled on the floor with laughter when they saw the hairstyles they will be sporting in a few minutes. Each pointed out the pros and cons of each style and everyone prayed that they get the one which will be easiest to "live" with. Josef was the first one to sit in Kuya's chair and he landed in a skunk-looking type of hairstyle.

Jolas completed the task and luckily he got the same style as that of Ejay, Poor Robi was the unlucky among the boys in sporting who got the half-with-hair-half-with-none style. Anyways, he still looks handsome.

Daddy John almost balded Daddy Ike but Kuya stoped him so the male guardians have to wait for their turn. His conflicts with the other parents took a twisted turn as Beauty confronted Kevin. The two quarreled on why Kevin's dad makes Beauty's mom cry.

Kevin argued with Beauty with Alex not knowing what to do for the two. Beauty broke into tears and Kevin threatened that he will go out, making Beauty cried more and saying she'll go out too to be fair. Kevin called Nicole to stop her from packing her things but Beauty wanted to talk to Robi instead. With Robi, the two were able to say what they were angry at. Kevin even blamed his dad saying he was the bad guy there. At least. he said sorry for hurting Beauty the other day.

Apr 20, 2008

Not Really Safe

Just when Kevin and Josef thought they can breathe in relief, they find themselves on the danger sone again. This time, with Nicole in tow at the nomination.

It is only inevitable that Kevin will be nominated. He should thank Linda for another week cause I bet he'll be the one to leave this coming Saturday. His housemates really know his bad attitude is intolerable already.

Nicole's nomination is a bit of a surprise since she has many close housemates. Though, she sticks too much with Josef. Good thing, they cleared things up while in the guardians' area. At least, Josef's girlfriend outside can watch comfortably now.

The guardians made the right decision when they nominated Josef. He is really not a good leader. Take a look at the performances of his group. Robi's team wins most of the time in the games. He's just lucky, taga-La Salle sya.

Birthday boy Luis Manzano is the new house guest. Hay, anlucky ng mga girl housemates di ba? Tamo, si Beauty feeling close kagad.

Apr 19, 2008

No More Exits For Now

Unlike, Linda, the two teen housemates, Kevin and Josef were given another chance to prolong their stay in the Big Brother house. Yet like them,their conflicts also remain.

Kevin remains in his conviction of not having a circumcision. Kuya had no choice but to devise another way to fund for the 100 male teens' free massive circumcision. He then gives the housemates a task of teaching Ejay's step-dad to read and write since the man has only reached Grade 1.

Daddy John and Kevin

He also orders a sacrifice for the housemates to make. That is for the male housemates to change their hairstyle. If they will do the sacrifice, Kuya will be the one who will choose their new hairstyle.

Tita Anna

Tita Anna on the other hand, asked for another chance to stay. She must have known something was in store for guardians too. Only, I hope she remedies her conflict with Daddy John. Josef can stay for now but things remain unsure in the most controversial house in the land. Tonight, another set of nominees will be revealed.


Apr 18, 2008

Iriga Beauty goes out

The Bikini Babe of Bicol has finally set foot on the outside world once again. But, she is not alone. With her is her family, bounded by opportunity to be complete again.

Linda Backlund accepted Kuya's offer for an all-expense paid vacation courtesy of Big Brother. If you are a follower of the reality show, this is understandable since Linda's family did not really have a chance to be patched up for quite some time. This however did not meant to rekindle old flame between her parents but only to bring the family together even for awhile.

A program was prepared for Linda by her fellow housemates before she took leave of the house. The boys came out one by one, giving Linda a flower and singing a song for her. The irony is Linda seemed to enjoy Kevin's song mumber where he sang her favorite song "Dreaming Of You" by Selena. Kevin is one of the boys who voted for Linda right?

Alex and Linda

In the said production, I don't think she enjoyed the last part where it was Alex's turn to sing for her. True, she sang with him in Kim Chiu's hit song "Crazy Love", but she must have sensed Alex discomfort. It has been known that despite Linda's obvious crush to him, Alex feels the opposite, even voting her off because he doesn't like her attitude.

All in all, many are sad with Linda's leaving. Linda's beauty will lessened the pretty things to watch out for in the said show. Besides, if she did not start on the wrong foot in the house, she might have been a strong contender in the reality show. Anyways, her good looks can be her stepping stone in showbiz so who knows she might be another Aldrich right?

Apr 17, 2008

Linda's leaving, Kevin's bed wetting and Josef's waiting

The viewers of the reality show supporting Linda might be sad as of today but the lass has made her decision. She accepted Kuya's offer for an all-expense paid vacation in exchange of her stay at the Big Brother house. Tomorrow, she leaves the house.

Yesterday, more mystery was added to the exit drama as Kevin added himself to the possible candidates for voluntary exit. Kevin expressed his grief of not being able to cope up with the pressure leading to his want to leave the house. Later on at Primetime, it was shown that Kevin had bedwetting which had been explained as a result of stress, relationship problem and rebellion.

The housemate from Spain's problems started when his dad revealed that Kevin is still uncircumcised. Kuya suggested Kevin to perform the act and will give 100 filipino teens free massive circumcision as Alex's task had been. When Daddy John talked this over with his son, Kevin flatly refused the offer.

Kevin Garcia

The father tried to changed his son's conviction by seeking help to two other male housemates, Robi and Alex together with Mommy Minda. Alex asked Kevin later if he was afraid that's why he refused to which Kevin denied. The father and son argued causing Alex to leave the two in quarrel. He returned to his frien and asked if he was angry with his dad but Kevin only insisted that he will not do it.

Josef is still unsure of his position in the house because his aunt has not decided if she really can't stay anymore. Linda is still enjoying her last few days in the house especially now that the girls except Beauty are staying in the guardians' area.


Apr 16, 2008

The Mysterious Exit Part 2

All eyes were on the primetime slot last night, as everybody thought Toni Gonzaga will reveal who is the next housemate to go. But the mystery is yet to be unraveled as two housemates becomes a possible suspect to the said voluntary exit.

In Uber, many have guessed that it is Josef's turn to be booted out. His auntie has complained of having difficulty sleeping and expresses her wish to return to the outside world. If this will pursue, Josef will have to go as well.

Josef was sad but was man enough to accept his fate. He obliged to sacrifice his battle inside for the sake of his aunt's health. He felt he did not want to risk that anything bad will happen to his relative. It's just sad that he was able to tell the other housemates about his leaving except the one closest to him, Nicole.

nicole and josef

On Primetime, though the guessing game further caused a confusion as another housemate had a heart-to-heart talk with Kuya. Linda, has been offered an all-expense paid trip along her sibling and Mom just so their family can spend time together. This came in when before his departure Linda's dad tolg Big Brother that he wanted his family to be with him for the restof his life. This offer came thrugh on Sunday just before Linda became nominated for the second time.

Now, who's it gonna be? Linda has told Kuya that she cannot answer immediately. I think it's okay to spend quality time with your family but Linda can do that when she has really been evicted or something. Though the offer is tempting really. Jolas' aunt may not just feel well maybe because of her constant quarrels with Kevin's dad. But, whoever that housemate will be, one thing is for sure, the top priority should be family.

Apr 15, 2008

The Mystery behind an exit

An air of mystery haunts Kuya's house as a housemate decides to have a voluntary exit. Who could this housemate be?

Somebody had expressed his/ her want to leave the Big Brother House! Unbelievable but sadly, a teen housemate has decided to leave Kuya's house today. After talking to Kuya in the confession room, this teen is now set to make his/her voluntary exit.

confession room

What might have occured that made this housemate want to leave?As to who the housemate is, his/her identity will be revealed tonight on PBB Teen Edition Plus on Primetime Bida.

Voting is now officially closed. Proceeds of this week's vote will go to the Libreng Operation sa Laoag medical mission.


Apr 14, 2008

Beauty-ful Day in Uber

Monday in Uber has the viewers see the many faces of Beauty. The Visayan lass is first seen being disciplined in her eating and exercise by fellow housemate Kevin.

As the two become close, Kevin had her exercising by the treadmill. The lady submits to one of the Twin Towers. The Mexican goes beyond the limit though and speeds up the machine causing the poor girl to be off balanced.

Despite feeling hurt all over her body, Beauty rewards Kevin a haircut. Jolas even had a haircut done by the Rebel Beauty. I just wonder why Alex keeps on hovering near beauty. Is he jealous of Kevin?

The first day of this week had the housemates play a game of diving coins in the swimming pool. This time, Josef's team won and got more coins than the other team. Robi's team had to drink ampalaya juice as a consequence. Almost all the members had no problem drinking the herbal drink. Except for Beauty who made an ugly face after her turn.


Meanwhile, Linda slowly opens up to a guy housemate this time. She gives a hint to Alex that most girls love when a guy smiles. Alex then shows his brilliant teeth that makes Linda blush. Hay naku, mabubuko ka niyan girl!Kilig to death pang nagkuwento kay Valerie e Alex is listening! Buti na lang they ended up chasing each other.

If Alex gets Linda's hints on him, Valerie becomes even more confused of Ejay's feelings. I pity Ejay for the language barrier pero masasapok ko na siya kasi Val is encouraging him to speak up clearly and he still becomes torpe. Wala pa din siyang nasabi kundi yung "I'm shy" statement niya. Grr..Ejay..torpz talaga! Hinahanap pa si Nan. Naku, panu ka makakaporma niyan!


Apr 13, 2008

Two Children and One Father Down in 2nd Nomination Night

Tension was felt again the the house as the new set of nominees were unraveled. Plus, a guardian had to be evicted too. Who will say goodbye?

The second eviction night revealed two housemates in danger of being evicted. Kevin, garnering 16 votes is a first time nominee. His Daddy John got emotional and reduce to tears when the news got to him. Kevin on the other hand said that he had made friends and that he loved being in Kuya's house.

Linda on the other hand returns to the danger zone with 11 votes. Linda seem dumbfounded not finding the right words to ask help for herself. Her mother Ningning was saved from the eviction of the guardians as many agreed that she is the key for her daughter's opening.

The doctor is out as Robi's father got evicted. This was decided by the teen council who have increased its members from all those who have been in the guardians' area. Robi, suprisingly led his dad's eviction, reasoning that his dad was needed more in the outside world.

robi and daddy boy

Voting is officially open so vote for the deserving housemate. Im on odds and ends cause I like them both. Kevin is pretty helpful in the tasks but I feel Linda should stay longer.

Apr 12, 2008

Jiriel First Evictee - PBBTEP Eviction Night

Jierel is the first housemate to go out of the PBB House. Here's more info from the official website

The teens may have rejoiced yesterday after receiving their first weekly task win but now they are all feeling down after the announcement of the first ever evictee, Jieriel. The Davaoena garnered the lowest number of votes (4.59%) while Josef got the highest (47.49%). Automatic nominees Priscilla and Valerie got 19.98% and 18.66% respectively while Linda got 9.28%.

Before the tense filled eviction happened, the housemates were pretty ecstatic over winning their tie-dye shirt weekly task, benefiting the medical mission Libreng Operation sa Laoag. Their weekly budget will get a 75% increase and Robi, whose team made the most number of shirts (626 shirts), will be doing the grocery shopping. Josef's team on the other hand, did a task this morning for the medical mission, because they only produced 374 shirts.

But as eviction time got nearer, the nominated teens were a bit somber and waited tensely for the announcement from Toni. First to exit the nomination block was Priscilla, who could not help but grin from ear to ear. Valerie and Linda quickly followed her into the safe zone. There was an obvious look of relief on the Dazzling Doll's face for she frequently mentioned this week about disappointing her mother who's in Germany. Linda was beaming too, probably thanking her lucky stars that she got her family reunion and non-eviction all in the same week.

Although Josef remained grim looking, Jieriel tried to smile even though Toni called out her name as the first teen evictee. But tears immediately streamed down her face as she hugged the housemates one by one and said her final good-byes. Together with Daddy Gerry, Jieriel exited the house and greeted the audience with a wave. Even if she has left her friends inside, Jie will fondly remember everything she has done and learned while living in Kuya's house.

The teens can start relaxing...for a few hours that is. They have to do the nomination process once again tomorrow and await the announcement of the second set of nominees tomorrow night. Also a guardian will be leaving Kuya's secret quarters upon the decision of the second Teen Council. Who are the Teen Council members and who among the guardians will they pick this time? Don't miss the very exciting PBB Teen Edition Plus second nomination night right after Goin' Bulilit.

Apr 11, 2008

New Reunions, New Revelations

After the heartwarming together again episode of Linda who tries to remain happy as she does not only have her dad over the house as well as her mom, another reunion touches the hearts of viewers last night. This was when the "Gentle Giant" and hid Daddy Ike found themselves back in each others arms.

Jolas and Dad

The task of the quartet Josef, Robi, Alex and Kevin brought about this reunion. When they have to get Nan back in the house, they left the "Promdi Hottie" and Jolas in exchange. (Kakatuwa talaga yung expressions sa mukha nila nung ginising sila ng mga guardians.) Ejay even asked if the scene was just a dream.


After letting the boys catch some sleep on their beds (which hindi din naman nagawa ng dalawa since shocked pa din sila sa nangyari), their fathers went on to prepare breakfasts for their sons. Sabi nga nung tatay ni Ejay, di daw siya sanay na ibang tao ang nag-aasikaso sa mga anak niya. (Ah, how sweet naman ni Tatay, hindi pa sya paternal dad ni Ejay ng lagay na yan ha!)

Then Daddy Ike went to the confession room to request if he could sleep beside his son that night. It appears he misses his son terribly. And when Kuya asked for the reason for his request, Jolas' dad poured his heart out not knowing that Jolas was watching him in a tv all throughout.

Grabe pala ang pinag-daanan ng parents ni Jolas nang kunin ni Lord ang panganay nilang anak. It was no wonder na lahat isa-sacrifice ng father niya for him kasi only child nga naman siya. At least, hindi siya lumaking spoiled brat ano? He loves the idea of being a Kuya to the rest of the teens since he has never experienced being one. His housemates must have love him too for that kasi obvious na hindi man lang siya nanominate this week.


Apr 10, 2008

Two for one barter

Kuya gives Robi and Alex another task this time with additional mates. Together with Josef and Kevin, the duo has to get Nan at the guardians' house. Only, they have to interchange him with Ejay and Jolas.

The team now a quarte did not have difficulties retrieving Nan. He was just immediately awaken and off he went to the others. Completing the exchange however was another story.

At the start, the boys immediately told the undoubting victims that they have to sleep outside due to a task. They told the girls however a different lie as they pretended that the boys' room have to repaired.

When the girls and the two boys have fallen asleep, the team immediately proceed draggging the comforter to the other side. Transfering the Gentle Giant was easy as peanuts as he seem to sleep like a "mantika". It was only Ejay "na naalimpungatan" so the boys had to pretend sleepin in different positions.

It was when they decided to cover up Ejay's face with a pillow that they finally completed their task. I think Ejay realizes this transfer only nakiride na lang sya. Hindi nga halatang alam niya kasi when both were woken up by the guardians, both wore shocked expressions on their faces.

Apr 09, 2008

On love and courtship then and now

The housemates must have had a taste of the deer heart delicacy from Linda's dad. This is much observed as they sprawled on talking about love and their experiences about it.

While Linda continues to break her ice facade since the birthday surprise given by the other girls in the house, love breaks even more barriers. Can you feel the love, housemates?

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Housemates

It all started when the "Ate" of the house, Rona opened up at how she couldn't handle a mature relationship. Ejay gamely teased her by asking where Robi is. The Promdi Hottie who had his own share of teasing from the girls then proceede to share about his traumatic experiences in courting from the province till in Manila.

Let's just hope he gets over those past of his and court Valerie! Meanwhile, outside, Josef and Nicole becomes even more closer. Josef even reminds the "In Chick" for a massage from the lass. Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson kayo ba yan? Hay, future loveteams eto!!!

Apr 08, 2008

Getting to know Linda

Tuesday is a Linda Day in Uber at the Pinoy Big Brother House as she gets to be the center of attention this time.

As one of the nominees for eviction, Linda is having a crucial time this week. She gets to appeal though to the show's viewers as she poured herself out on Kuya at the confession room. She revealed the strain of the gap between her parents who been long seperated.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus housemate Linda

If you were raised alone by a single parent, you'll probably be able to relate to Linda's story. It was now more understable why she is used to sulking on her own as any product of a broken family usually behaves. Life was hard on her when she was at a tender age so she had to tougher. This was further stressed by her Daddy Hans when interviewed by Mariel Rodriguez.

I was touched by the father-daughter reunion last night as many viwers might have been. It would really ease the pressure on the housemate dubbed as "Bikini Babe" since the reason behind her personality is shown. But the question is, will she be long enough in the house to be able to share this with her housemates. I hope so.

Apr 07, 2008

Trying hard detectives

The Big Brother House went upside down as a mystery shook the teen housemates in a flurry. It all started when Josef come out of the confession room with gift ribbons on his head. Josef was also clueless to the reason for his adornment with a task of sitting on certain chair.
His fellow housemates thought of big thoughts which made the guessing game lasting longer than expected. It also took awhile before the teeners figured the puzzle for themselves. At least, they thought it has something to do with Josef's punishment and remarkably, thought harder to save their fellow housemate.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, Mystery Episode

With the mystery solved and Josef safe and sound out of the danger zone, things cooled down for a moment at the most controversial house.

Everyone is excited to know who will be the first evictee among the five nominees. Linda, Jeriel, Josef and the two "apiran" culprits have yet to know who among them are already loved by the viewers of the show. All this and more spiced up the show as silent wars and tasks filled the most famous house in the land today.

Mar 30, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus REVEALED!

Just last night, the parents and guardians of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus housemates already went inside the big yellow house.

It was another twist to give life and spice to the new teen edition of PBB.

According to Pinoy Big Brother business unit head, Laurenti Dyogi, the housemates' real personality will be shown and known with their relationship with their parents or guardians.

There is this condition given to the parents and guardians, if ever they wanted to quit or prematurely go out of PBB house, they will go out along with their ward.

In the house are:

Robi's Daddy Boy
Josef's Tita Anna
Linda's Mommy Ningning
Jieriel's (step-dad) Daddy Gerry
Beauty's Mommy Carina
Rona's Mommy Rose
Nicole's Mommy Sandy
Jolas' Daddy Ike
Nan's Mommy My Love
Ejay's Daddy Erning
Valerie's Tita Violy
Priscilla's Mommy Jinky
Alex's Mommy Minda
Kevin's Daddy John

How will they be able to stay inside PBB house with the teen housemates? How will the teen housemates react on this big twist inside the house? To know more, watch Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus everyday only at ABS-CBN channel 2!flights.

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